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Film Office Latvia

Film Office Latvia is working on international co-productions and providing a full-scale production services for foreign film companies filming in Latvia and the other Baltic States.
We are professional people who have more than 15 year experience in film production.
We know the best places and services for your film.
We do cost effective.

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We offer a cycle of full-scale production services:
guidance and information
local resource listings

cash-rebate applications
local contact person with facilities, production services, regional governments
location inspection
weather information
equipment rental
production crew
legal services, assistance with state and regional permits
artistic services
assembly and sound studio services
catering, accommodation and transportation services


40-50% cash-rebates in Latvia

Total cash-rebate of up to 50%

Two financing bodies:

National Film Centre of Latvia

Riga Film Fund

Open deadline for applications

Film Office Latvia handles the preparation of cash-rebate applications to the aforementioned financiers


Film Office Latvia brings together highly educated professionals who have considerable experience in making films. We have professional and experienced film crews with a considerable experience in international productions.

Our staff know the ins and outs of the Latvian film industry, the available human resources, filming locations and technical capabilities for various levels of complex filming –feature films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. Our staff is fluent in English, German, French, Danish and Russian.

Please contact:

Elīna Gediņa-Ducena, Producer:

Phone: +371 9387666

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Films in Development:

Title: The Bomber

Genre: cross genre -  coming of age / crime drama

A far-right organization, 'Thundercross', fails to blow up the Victory Monument, dedicated to the Soviet Army in Riga, Latvia. A premature explosion accidentally kills two of its members, but their leader, Cross, escapes. He turns into a public fugitive and leaves his wife and teenage daughter, Austra, behind. Now Austra sends food for her father, deals with growing outside pressure, alienates her mother and becomes part of the investigation led by Ingrid, a Security Police investigator. Ingrid goes after Cross, but stumbles upon a web of conspiracy involving a murder and influence from ex-KGB agents. Soon Ingrid makes Austra the key link in the hunt for Cross. Austra learns the reality about her father and is left with a choice between unconditional love, inevitable truth or control of her own destiny.

Director, writer: Pauls Ķesteris

Writer: Gatis Mūrnieks

Co-writer, consultant: Ivo Trajkov

Set Designer: Mārtiņš Straupe

Costume Designer: Liene Dobrāja

Producer: Inese Boka-Grūbe

Assistant Producer: Anete Ruperte

Project Developed with the support of
the Creative Europe programme of the European Union (Media),
National Film Centre of Latvia,
State Culture Captial Foundation

Developed at: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

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Air Pressure
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A beautiful, colorful landscape of a mis

About Latvia

Latvia is a European country, one of the three Baltic States. It is located in north-eastern Europe by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga. Latvia shares borders with Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia. Latvia has always been the crossroads of trade routes. 

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Area: 64 589 km2

Total length of national border: 1 862 km

Length of Latvian and Baltic Sea coastline: 494 km

Population: 1 919 968 (2019)

Capital: Riga

Time zone: GMT/CET +2 

Government: parliamentary republic

Currency: EURO

President: Egils Levits

Territorial regions: Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme, Latgale, Riga region

Largest lake: Lubans, 80.7 km

Deepest lake: Dridzis, 65.1 m

Longest river within the territory of Latvia: Gauja, 452 km

Largest river: Daugava, 1 005 km (in the territory of Latvia: 352 km)

Highest point: Gaizinkalns, 311.6 m 

Cities: Of Latvia's 76 cities, only two have over 100 000 residents – Riga (~856 000) and Daugavpils (120 000). Other larger cities include Jekabpils, Jelgava, Jurmala, Liepaja, Rezekne, Valmiera and Ventspils.


The official national language of Latvia is Latvian, which is one of the oldest Indo-European languages belonging to the Baltic language group. It is neither a Slavic, nor a Germanic language; the only other language in the Baltic language group is Lithuanian. Latvian is spoken by approximately 1.5 million people.
The most common denominations are Evangelical Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Orthodox.
People in Latvia are fluent in speaking Latvian, Russian, English and German.

Filming Locations


Riga, Latvia. Riga Cityscape In Sunny Su

Cities and Towns

Nine large cities and 67 towns. The architecture of Latvia's small towns is singularly beautiful, formed by its one- and two-storey structures, soviet apartment blocks, and city centres.

Vintage wooden two mast yacht (yawl) sai

Recreational Areas

Modest, nostalgic and exciting locations, from traditional Latvian celebration environments to the kitsch and crazy.

Country house near field of cereals clos

Detached Houses

Immaculately kept farmsteads that look as they did 100 years ago, as well as Soviet era houses and contemporary architectural mistakes and whims.

Aerial view of old town in city Kuldiga,


Villages deep in the countryside that still observe ancient traditions and villages from the Soviet urban-rural era.

Winter road in country side with fir tre


Natural ecosystems in Latvia, largely untouched by man, still thrive in half of the country's territory. Historical and economical changes in Latvia have made its scenery even more vivid.


Airports and Airfiels

Architecture from several periods and contrasting scenery. Functioning air fields, as well as inactive and forgotten locations.

Rundale's palace in Latvia in Baroque st

Castles and Manor Houses

Medieval stone castles – reconstructed examples remain in Riga and in Jēkabpils. The ongoing reconstruction of medieval castles is taking place in several towns. There is an impressive baroque castle in Jelgava, designed and built by Rastrelli. There are also many well-kept, quiet and luxurious manor houses.

Old abandoned paper mill built with red

Warehouses and Factories

In the middle of nowhere and near city centres, there are many impressive and empty "ghost" factories that await an unknown future.

St. Nikolai Sea Cathedral in Liepaja (Ka

Military sites and Monuments

The Soviet Army left Latvia and the other Baltic States in 1994. Military airfields and cities, military prisons and bunkers – the remains of history that are gradually fading from the collective Latvian memory.

Evening View of the Latvian National Mus


Latvia's museums are often housed in the most beautiful buildings in the city or town; they are the keepers of spiritual, artistic and material culture. Museums employ knowledgeable professionals who are always ready to offer their assistance and advice.

Countryside view with deers walking in s


Active farms that still raise livestock, farms operated by other small businesses. Even empty and abandoned farms in towns and rural villages.

Autumn day, Latvia, Koknese. Overcast cl


Majestic and attractive castle mounds can be found in Latvia, even a unique Scandinavian mound (ca. 600 - 700).

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Stages and Pavillions

Stages of different sizes -
38 x 26 m / h 12m
32 x 26 m / h 9m
10 x 14m / h 5m

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Blaumana Str. 11/13-13, Riga, Latvia

+371 29387666, +371 29259580

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